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A Message From Dr. Tak Mak


Thank you Walkers,

The 2015 Walk will be a historic point in the journey that we are all taking. With the new Shoppers Drug Mart OneWalk to Conquer Cancer, know that I will be there and continue my work for all cancers. As we announced in June 2013, we have a new target discovery and we are in Phase 1 clinical trials with our first new drug. We also have several other new drugs in the pipeline. As we move along the path of clinical trials we may find out that this new drug has impact across a number of cancers. In fact, that is my hope, that it works for many forms of cancer that people suffer from. There is a long road to walk in clinical trials and know that I continue to need you to walk and support my work and the work of my team.

You should also know that thanks to Walkers we have built the most comprehensive immune therapy program in Canada led by Dr. Pam Ohashi. This work could benefit many forms of cancers and is showing great promise.

As we continue on our journey, know that progress is being made. We know so much more today than when I started my career in the 70’s. We are in amazing era of genomic discovery and uncovering more of the insights that have eluded researchers in previous decades. We now know that there are many forms of cancer within the same type and that some forms of one cancer are more related to another form of cancer. We are discovering new cancer targets and creating new targeted drugs.

So I ask you to walk in the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer to allow me to continue the work I have committed my life to. I share your passion and your dream to one day have all cancers not be a disease that you die from but a disease you live with, for our children and our grandchildren. My team is committed and united - but we can’t do it alone.

I will see you on the 2015 walk.


Dr. Tak Mak

416.815.9255 (WALK)

September 12, 2015

460 Richmond Street West, Suite 500, Toronto ON M5V1Y1

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