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2015 is the inaugural Shoppers Drug Mart OneWalk to Conquer Cancer benefitting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Funds raised through OneWalk support Personalized Cancer Medicine at The Princess Margaret, enabling our world-leading clinicians and researchers to detect cancers earlier, diagnose with more precision, target treatment for each patient and support patients and their families throughout the cancer journey. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is leading the way in Personalized Cancer Medicine as one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.

Personalized Cancer Medicine at The Princess Margaret is a multi-faceted, integrated approach to advancing cancer care that focuses on the unique nature of each patient. Funds raised through OneWalk enable the world-leading clinicians and researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to better understand the unique genetic profile of each cancer and each patient, which are leading to more effective, targeted and less toxic treatments for cancer patients. They are creating a new gold standard in cancer care and sharing their knowledge with other cancer centres across Canada and around the world.

When a participant registers, they select a cancer fund that their dollars raised will support, such as: Discovery Research Fund, Breast, Gynecologic (Uterine, Cervical & Ovarian), Lung, Colon, Rectal and Gastrointestinal, Endocrine; Prostate, Testicular, Bladder and Genitourinary, Head and Neck, Brain, Central Nervous System, Eye, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Endocrine, Sarcoma, Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Childhood Cancers.

Since 2003, supporters of The Princess Margaret have been walking to help conquer cancer in all its forms.

In 12 years, the Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers raised over $148 million for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Funds raised since 2003 have powered a range of cancer research, clinical enhancements survivorship and other programs at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre:


  • The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research led by Dr. Tak Mak, with 11 Principal Investigators and over 130 staff to support new cancer target research and novel therapeutics
  • The purchase of cutting-edge research equipment and support breast cancer research activities in The Princess Margaret research expansion at MaRS (Medical and Related Science) Discovery Tower.
  • Creation of The Weekend to End Breast Cancer Chair in Breast Cancer Research, held by Dr. Tak Mak, a world-renowned cancer research scientist
  • The Walker Innovation Program, which supports researchers and new ideas that have the potential for advancing scientific knowledge of breast cancer.
  • Dr. Norman Boyd’s research into breast cancer prevention, focusing on the understanding of mammographic density as a risk factor.
  • Mass Spectrometer program.
  • Dr. Pamela Ohashi’s research into T-cell activation and boosting the immune system to fight breast tumours, part of The Campbell Family Institute funding.

Clinical Enhancements

  • Comprehensive breast imaging program and the purchase of a breast MRI and digital mammography machine.
  • The revamped and re-designed M. Lau Breast Centre that provides complete care for breast cancer patients.
  • Clinical trials for breast cancer patients, and $500,000 for fellowship program.
  • An extensive Tumour Bank, database maintenance and pathology renovations.
  • Dr. David McCready’s rapid diagnosis pilot study, which is now The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre.
  • A clinical trial of intraoperative radiation therapy, led by Dr. David McCready and Dr. Anthony Fyles.
  • Design and creation of the new Conway Chemotherapy and Transfusion Centre, the largest centre of its kind in North America.
  • Surgical robotics program for gynecological cancer patients.
  • Familial Ovarian Cancer Clinic, which now also provides genetic counselling for breast cancer patients.
  • Clinical enhancements and genetics research programs.
  • The Princess Margaret’s Space Transformation which is a multi-phase project that will create a transformative environment for Personalized Cancer Medicine.


  • The establishment and continued support of the first in-hospital Survivorship Clinic and Program in Canada. This includes ELLICSR, a 12,000-square-foot innovative research centre.
  • Reconstructive breast surgery.

PMC Foundation Fund
  • $2.5 million to support the PMC Foundation Fund.

*New cancer drug development is a long and risk-filled process. The Princess Margaret is very encouraged by Dr. Tak Mak’s new cancer target discovery and reaching this major milestone. The new cancer drug discovery from Dr. Tak Mak and Dr. Dennis Slamon announced by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in June 2013 has been cleared by Health Canada and is now in Phase 1 clinical trials.

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